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A Harvard Cheer

Whoop! Hurrah! I’ve come to Harvard ! I’m a full-fledge harvard man. Got a couple of conditions, Just to show how game I am. Got a dandy room to live in, Mommer’s furnished it all right, Harvard flags and crimson cushions. got ice-chest, out of sight.

Maybe I’ll go in for football, Think perhaps I’ll join the crew; Pretty hard to make my mind up, So many things I can do. Needn’t trouble ’bout my studies, May get dropped, but i don’t care, Make it up by next October; time enough and lots to spare.

Got to a lot of fun, too; Can’t be training all the time. I’m a first-class high ball chucker, take’em with a smile sublime. Go to theater, supper later, Chorus girls and lots of fizz, Poker parties, Briggsey’s summons, Midnight bats, and all that biz.

Golly! Won’t the people rubber When I got back Christmas week? Folks at home are slow old fogies ; Guess they’ll think Im quite a freak.

When they hear about my doings, Maybe that won’t raise thir hair. Batcher life I’ll be a devil. Wonder if i really dare?