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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Roosevelt was elected the 32nd president of the United States in 1932 and served for a record-breaking number of four terms, a feat that remains unrivaled in the United States history. He was the president of the United States during the great crises that occurred in the 20th century – The Great Depression and World War II.  A member of the Democratic Party.  Roosevelt directed the Federal Government during most of the Great Depression, implementing his New Deal domestic agenda in response to the worst economic crisis in U.S history. In both emergencies, his reforms, strategies, and tactics, ensured that the people of the United States regained faith in themselves. Besides, the United States earned the respect

The Foundation

From 1904 till 1961, various students occupied the rooms, with each student redecorating the suite as he deemed fit. Following Eleanor Roosevelt’s visit to Harvard in 1961, the college converted the suite to a study. However, in the early 2000s, Harvard set the rooms aside to be restored to the way they were during Roosevelt’s stay at Harvard. The reason for doing this was to create a memorial in honor of Roosevelt, and this has been the mission of the FDR suite since then. Equipped with privately raised funds, the restoration of the suite began in earnest in 2008. Michael Weishan, the director of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Foundation Inc., spearheaded the process of restoring the suite, under the guidance of the Foundation.


Songs that FDR can't stop singing



In May, 2009 the FDR Suite Foundation had an amazing opportunity to record some of the favorite melodies from FDR’s time at Harvard. Though not particularly remembered for his love of music, FDR the student was no stranger to popular songs of the day. He, along with his roommate Lathrop Brown, were both members of the Freshman Glee Club, and together leased an upright piano for their Harvard digs, which is now a centerpiece of their restored Suite.

FDR's Playlist and Favorites

In the goodold Summer Time

Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home?

Just a Gleam of Heaven in Her Eyes

Silver Threads Among the Gold

Taking a Trip Up the Hudson 

Babes In Toy land

Here’s A Health To King Charles

A Bird in a Gilded Cage