The veritable end of the line: this ticket admitted the bearer to FDR's Class Day celebration, witnessed by his mother Sara, and new fiance, Eleanor.

FDR at Harvard
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Frank at Harvard
Excellent 1996 article from Harvard Magazine on FDR's student life at Harvard.(John Bethell)

The Gold Coast's Malleable Luster
An examination of the FDR's Westmorly Suite within its architectural context. (David Foxe) (PDF Format)

FDR's Harvard Course List
A complete list of FDR's course of study, including instructors and meeting times (Justin Roshak)

References to the Suite in FDR's Student Correspondence
A catologue of mentions of the Westmorly Suite by SDR and FDR. (Justin Roshak)

FDR's Student Activities at Harvard
A partial list of references to FDR's extracurricular and social activities while at Harvard (Justin Roshak)

Primary Source Material
Assorted historical documents regarding FDR and the Westmorly Suite (Michael Weishan)

The Songs FDR Knew
Recordings of 10 hit songs from FDR's Harvard (Michael Weishan, David Trippett, and John Kapusta)

The FDR Restoration Blog
Updates, News and Current Research of the Restoration